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Gallery Exhibition: A Love Story

Jan 3, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo • Rating: yellow • Contains violence, cursing, instance death

This gallery exhibition serves as the capstone for Dear, Also, The Tree That Was Felled, of the Ode Clade in its role as fellow. The fellowship in instance art was created specifically for Dear in recognition of the excellence it brings to the field.

The Simien Fang school of Art and Design is proud to invite you to the opening of the exhibition. Location, time, and your ticket are attached to this message. We kindly request that you fork and send a non-#core/non-#tracker instance. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.


Play the game

This entry takes the form of a Twine game. There are choices to be made, and random chance at play. Twine is a form of interactive fiction that you can play in your browser. It requires a modern browser with JavaScript enabled.

A night out An Introduction To and By The Artist through the right door through the left-hand door an animal attempting to escape forking stay intact Fight room Follow the fennec Escape to fight room Wide open spaces Unwind room Small exhibits out into the night once more Cave Cramped spaces Up and through About knocked out Dying is quite painful, you find Return All alone Dear, Also, The Tree That Was Felled - Gallery Exhibition Startup: Variable initialization /dev/null Header: Life check Debug-header: Variables Seduction Fight Intro to fight To the small exhibits You win You lose Include: The Wanderer Include: The Rebel Include: The Fighter Include: The Lover Include: The Medium Debug-startup: Variable initialization

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© 2016 Madison Scott-Clary
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