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Après un rêve Feb 4, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Rating: yellow • Contains surgery, true death

A young woman reluctantly goes through with the uploading procedure, risky though it is, to reconnect with her lover.

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Qoheleth Jan 26, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Rating: yellow • Contains instance death

Ioan Balan awoke to an urgent message.

Ey didn’t really like these, the sensorium messages. Ey liked paper messages. Ey mostly just liked paper. Ey was always accruing more. Paper and pens. Eir friends thought it creepy. Paper messages, or those rich messages that came attached to paper, played on its surface, or even messed with eir sensorium. To have one that just barged in on eir vision and endocrine system like this made em quite anxious. This one included a tiny jolt of adrenaline as an alert. Waking up with that jolt to have a partial sensory takeover just felt rude.

The benefit was that ey didn’t have to get out of bed to deal with it.

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The Jonas Clade Digest Jan 16, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Rating: green • Contains explicit language

Updates from the Jonas clade for the Jonas clade. Jonas Prime requests that all instances report in when they’re able. One must keep oneself up to date, after all.

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Qoheleth (1) - Torah Jan 10, 2017

Rating: green

From: life.breeds.life@

This is part one of five. I’d give you the rest right now, but I need you invested. I need you interested in this and and frustrated with it. Without that, we’re just not going to have a good time, you know? :)

First step.
Eight pieces.
Five needed.
Find them.


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Splitting Headache Jan 6, 2017 • Emanate Hieromech#emanatehieromech

Rating: yellow • Contains explicit language, implied BDSM

An experiment with alternative forking by someone with multiple people in their head.

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Merge Conflicts with the Truth Jan 3, 2017 • Paul Rapoport#lorxus

Rating: green • Contains instance death

Ey feels no love for eir uncounted theorem instances.

Awaken. One step. Failure to advance. Shame. Self-quit.

How could ey? So many of them disappoint em so quickly. Ey has at least done them the service of imbuing them with a purpose and (what seems to em at least) a meaningful name, and what does ey get repaid with, by the overwhelming majority of them?

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Gallery Exhibition: A Love Story Jan 3, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Rating: yellow • Contains violence, cursing, instance death

This gallery exhibition serves as the capstone for Dear, Also, The Tree That Was Felled, of the Ode Clade in its role as fellow. The fellowship in instance art was created specifically for Dear in recognition of the excellence it brings to the field.

The Simien Fang school of Art and Design is proud to invite you to the opening of the exhibition. Location, time, and your ticket are attached to this message. We kindly request that you fork and send a non-#core/non-#tracker instance. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.


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The Assignment Dec 26, 2016 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Rating: yellow • Contains needles, instance death, murder

The feeling of an instance merging state back with the tracker would never NOT make Ioan Balan#tracker uneasy. It wasn’t the differences in experiences, those could be anticipated, so much as the tiny changes in identity that resulted. Having to internalize a slightly different version of yourself was too close to experiencing a doppelgänger. Or perhaps hanging with a sib, fresh home from a semester abroad.

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