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Contributions are open for Post-Self. If you wind up contributing, feel free to add yourself to this list by adding an entry to _data/authors.yaml (there are instructions in that file). You may also publish anonymously!

Emanate Hieromech#emanatehieromech

Emanate is an author, symbol-engineer, transhuman-hopeful, glow-aesthete, music-bender, and cosmalia curator in Seattle, WA. They are also trans, non-binary, kinky, poly, queer, postfurry, and a terrible punster. Their preferred pronouns are either ve/ver/vis or they/them They do not, despite the newly-acquired github account, actually work in tech or programming. :-}.

Paul Rapoport#lorxus

Paul is a mathematician, graduate student, teacher, and fox, living in Chicago, Illinois. He loves to listen to overly intense music, distractedly ponder the universe’s mysteries, explore, and spread the light of knowledge to everyone who can’t get away fast enough. This instance, a relatively new fork tasked with exploring lorxus’s general creative potential, will spend their time writing poetry and short fiction.

Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Madison is an author, programmer, and composer living outside of Loveland, CO. She’s decidedly trans, aggressively poly, kinda ace, and hecka queer. This instance spends her time writing and thinking about furry, postfurry, and community when not working in tech.


Riismo is an engineer and ne’er-do-well from New England. He enjoys breaking things and (time permitting) fixing them, which is an approach that works more often than it ought to and at least is interesting when it doesn’t. He’s also a furry, and on most days a rather grumpy one.