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As a work of collaborative fiction, contributions to Post-Self are not only welcomed, they’re encouraged! Required, even. The idea is to collect a corpus of stories and experiences exploring a shared universe, after all.

First things first: all contributors must abide by the code of conduct. Contributors should also try to write content that fits within the universe of PS. While there are shared characters that may be used, using them is not required. Matching tone or style is also not required, though there may be a proofing pass as part of the contribution process.

Beyond stories

More than just one-off stories are welcome on PS. You can submit any form of experience that fits within the universe. Videos, comics, paintings and artwork, even twine games. How to do so is specified here.


Content is rated in three different categories:

This content is considered safe for work.
This content may get intense at times — violence is likely, but perhaps not explicit; sex may be acknowledged to exist — so read at work at your discretion.
Things may get spicy here. There’s likely violence with explicit descriptions, or thoroughly discussed sexual acts, or the like.

Ratings apply to actions only, not characters. In order to be more explicit about why a rating was given, you may also provide content warnings, a simple list of what’s going on in a story that would warrant a green or yellow or red rating. Again, these should describe actions only, not characters. Keep in mind that these warnings are visible on the listing page, and should be written using safe-for-work language.

Some examples of content warnings might be:

Ratings and content warnings are simply warnings regarding content for folks who don’t want to see it at that moment/ever, and not intended to restrict viewership. They are also not tags, so they’re not searchable or anything. Ratings are required, and content warnings are optional.