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Qoheleth: Solved

Jan 26, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo • Rating: • Contains

Qoheleth has been solved. Read on for the story.

Qoheleth was an ARG, or Alternate Reality Game, which took place primarily online (there was one physical clue, but it was designed to not be required), but it was also a story in five parts. Each step of the way revealed more of the story itself, with the final piece containing instructions on how to notify on completion. Some crypto, some secrets, some digging.

Riismo poked and prowled and hunted down all of Old Man Qoheleth’s clues and gathered up the rest of the story for us. The full story will go up in a bit, but Qoheleth the ARG will remain in place for a while, for anyone who wants to give it a go.

For those who don’t want to give it a go but are still curious as to how it was run, all of the information involved is here, with a full breakdown in index.md. Note, however, that this effectively spoils the entire game, so if you want to play, don’t look!

There may be more like this, but for now, hats off to Riismo, and thanks for playing :)