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If you would like to add a group of entries to the site, you can do so with by adding a collection. It’s quite simple!


Add a categories entry to the frontmatter of your posts. This will use the key ‘categories’, and the value will be a list. For instance:

layout: post
categories: [my-category]


layout: post
    - my-category

The category name has to be a slug — a portion of a url consisting of letters, numbers and dashes. Each post can have any number of categories if you wish.

Category listing

The next step is to create a category listing page. In the entries folder, create a file named the same as the category slug you create in the last step, plus .html. In our case, it will be entry/my-category.html. That file will contain any information about the category, as well as the code that lists the entries in the category. It’ll look something like this:

layout: default
title: My Incredible category

<p>Here's a bit of description about the category. You can put whatever HTML you want here.</p>

<div class="entries">
        <em>No entries</em>

Since HTML is allowed in markdown, too, you can name this file entry/my-category.md and write your description in markdown, so long as you leave the <div> tags and everything within them as they are, minus changing the category name.